Ever tried to manage wishlists for your whole family via text messages to three grandmas, your sisters and uncle Phil? Well then ...

this is

Your wishlist manager

how to

It's pretty simple

1. Start a list

Just start a new wishlist from the start page and add your wishes to it.

2. Share your list

If you want to share your list, you first need to create a user so people know who it's from, that will generate a link to your list to share.

3. Remember who got you what

Once your celebration has past, you'll be able to see who gave you what so you can say thanks.


All features for free

It's absolutely free. Use it responsibly!

Free huh... does that make ME the product?

Nope. In most cases that is true. But Wishcart is created to solve the maker's own need and she's not looking to make any money off the users. This also means there is no ad tracking on the site. The cookies set are to improve usability and only stores data on your own device. Once you start using it, we store your data for you, but we're not mining your stuff.

next up

More features coming...

Oh we're absolutly not done yet. We have buckets of ideas for how wishlist management can be improved. But we promise to always keep it as clean and simple as possible. Don't hesitate to contact us with your requests or if you just can't contain your curiosity about what we're working on next.

say hello

Contact us

General contact: hello@wishcart.com

This tool is currently being built by Emma Agering. She'd be thrilled if you reached out!

Stay tuned on @addto_wishcart

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