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This tool is still in public beta which, in this case, means it hasn't been fully tested and you should expect bugs.

We built this service to solve your need to create and share wishlists. The tool is FREE to use for anyone. Here are some examples of features you probably expect that are lingering on our TODO-list:

We want to improve!

Reach out if you find strange behavior or have any feature requests. Just send an email to hello@wishcart.com and we'll try to fix it for you. We'll appreciate the message!

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Current version: v0.1, updated 10 Sep 2021

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This cookie is placed as you accept our cookies in that first pop up message. The only purpose of this cookie is to make sure you don't have to see that message again. If you're reading this, you already have that cookie set.

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As soon as you create an account with our service we place this cookie so that we can show you the "Login" modal instead of "Signup" next time you visit.

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We allow you to create a new wishlist without having an account (although if you want to share it with anyone, you'll need to signup). This cookie is placed so that we can retrieve your list next time you visit our site from the same browser.


Privacy Policy

Seeing as this service is in BETA we haven't finished writing up the full Privacy Policy yet. But make no mistake, we care deeply about your privacy and data.

Current version: unpublished

Contact us on hello@wishcart.com for better information.


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Current version: v0.1, updated 10 Sep 2021

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